May 10, 2012


Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, A...Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, August 2006. Shot with Nikon D70s in Ikelite housing, in natural light. Animal estimated at 11-12 feet (3.3 to 3.6 m) in length, age unknown. Français : Photographie d'un Grand requin blanc (Carcharodon carcharias) de 3,5 mètres environ, prise à l'île Gadalupe en août 2006. Matériel : Nikon D70s dans un caisson étanche Ikelite. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Do you like fish, we know we do! Fish can be quite difficult to take car of however, so we have dedicated a blog for maintaining fish as well as other related aquatic pets. Feel free to browse around, we hope you enjoy what you see! If you know much about fish or pets in general, feel free to leave a comment. We always appreciate the feedback!
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